Dirty Reds End of Season raffle




The NRL Grand Final is fast approaching and to celebrate, the Dirty Reds are holding their annual finals raffle! Here’s how it works. There are 100 tickets up for grabs – each of which has a number and a name (eg ticket #1 – Frank Burge, ticket #2 – Chris McKivat and so on). Each ticket costs $10 and you can purchase as many tickets as you like. When you purchase your ticket(s) we will email you with your name(s) and number (s) which will be drawn at random. On Friday, October 20th we will draw three winners, who will share in 50% of the takings.
If all 100 numbers are sold, the first prize winner will collect $250, second prize will be $150 and third place $100. The other 50% will help support the Dirty Reds’ ongoing costs.
So don’t delay, get your Glebe Dirty Reds End of Season raffle tickets today!


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